Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal (IChPW)

Established in 1955, IChPW is the scientific support of the Polish coke making companies with research and development actions related to coke making, fossil fuels, biomass, waste processing, by-products utilization, environmental protection in industry, safe and environmental friendly fuel utilization and improvement of products with sophisticated quality features. With over 100 scientific and technical employees, it carries out investigations on the physicochemical properties of solids (including coke, coal, biomass, wastes), liquids (technological water for various purposes, wastewater generated in different coal processing systems) and gases and performance of processes on solids thermal processing, gas cleaning and wastewater treatment at laboratory and bench scales. The experience of IChPW in the field of Clean Coal Technologies and accompanied processes has been gained through realization of several R&D projects in the last 30 years, especially in the field of coal fluidized gasification. The recent activity of the Institute was the execution of Strategic Research Programme: Advanced technologies for energy generation: Development of coal gasification technology for highly efficient production of fuels and power generation (project no SP/E/3/77008/10). Main areas of work were: pressurized gasification of coal in fluidized bed, gas treatment (conversion of tars, CO2, NH4, H2S) and kinetic studies.