RWE Power AG (RWE)

RWE Power a joint stock company under German law is Germany’s largest power producer. About 17,000 employees are working in lignite open cast mines, power plants, upgrading facilities and administration. The company contributes with its power production capacity of about 33 GW to the broad RWE energy mix of lignite, hard coal, nuclear power, gas and renewables. RWE Power invests in the construction of new highly efficient power plants and the development of environment friendly technologies for the power production in the future. Since the 1980’s RWE Power has also developed technologies for alternative utilization of coal via gasification and synthesis of hydrocarbons. RWE Power brings in its practical experience in the field of coal gasification, coal gas cleaning and synthesis of hydrocarbons into this project. RWE Power would make an existing – container based – synthesis test setup available to the project. Currently, this test setup is capable to study the synthesis reactions of synthesis gas to methane and/or methanol.

Dr. Frank Buschsieweke
Huyssenallee 2
D-45128 Essen, Germany